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October 14, 2013 by +Glen Weltz

8 Insightful Facts About Glass Repair In Phoenix

A number of insightful facts about glass repair in Phoenix exist. Learning about these will make you a better informed consumer.


1. Can be individualized

Reputable repair shops will make certain that all of your glass requirements either comply with, or exceed, your manufacturer recommendations. This assures overall stability, reliability and longevity. Understand that there are shops in existence that are not concerned about this matter. Each vehicle has its own unique set of glass requirements.

2. Can be no cost
You may not know that there are insurance policies available to cover your auto glass. Whenever your glass integrity is compromised, through no fault of your own, you may be covered. This means you can get your glass repaired without facing any out-of-pocket expenses. Some shops, like New Image Glass, have extensive experience in dealing with the insurance company. They handle the paperwork, agent dealings and other applicable tasks as required for the individual claim. This can make your claim filing and insurance needs less troublesome and frustrating.

3. Convenience is available

Auto glass repair can be frustrating and time-consuming. Finding a shop that is in proximity to your residence or workplace can be a huge relief. It is important to know that New Image Glass has two Phoenix locations to satisfy customer needs. You can drop your car off at a convenient time and go into work. They will call you when the job is done.

4. Lifetime warranties are available

Many glass repair shops claim to have warranties. Reading the small print, however, proves these claims to be less reliable and truthful as suggested. Deal only with shops that provide written lifetime warranties. Reputable companies, like New Image Glass, are known for providing warranties that are even better than what insurance companies offer. Concerns caused by installation error are covered. This includes leaks, stress cracks, and loose moldings. Other limitations are noted on the company’s website under the Lifetime Warranty page. The original invoice is needed as proof of work.

5. Repair materials matter

Shops can use all types of glass repair materials. It is important to note that some shops offer lower prices due to using lower quality materials. Understand that reputable shops will use the highest grade materials like resin-based epoxies to repair your chips and imperfections.

6. Safety matters

It is important to know that some shops are only in it for the money. That may account for their low cost. Reputable glass repair shops, however, will take pride in restoring glass to the safest level possible.

7. Additional revenue source

Reputable shops, like New Image Glass, can sell glass repair kits. These kits can turn into excellent revenue streams for entrepreneurs and other auto glass shops. All the buyer needs to do is purchase a quantity and resell them.

8. Do-it-yourself temporary fix

There will be times when you’re driving along, and a piece of airborne debris damages your auto glass. When this happens, pull over to the side of the road. Apply a piece of clear tape to the imperfection. This helps prevent the crack or chip from spreading. Take your car to the nearest auto glass shop.

Consulting with a trained auto glass professional will provide extra guidance and information.

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October 9, 2013 by +Glen Weltz

Getting Windshield Replacement Done In Mesa AZ

Mesa is the third largest city in Arizona. It is the second largest city in Maricopa County. The city proudly claims to be a bedroom community for daytime Phoenix workers. Population statistics reveal continual growth. With that growth comes a wealth of amenities and cultural attractions.

With such a wide range of businesses offering excellent quality services, residents or visitors will have no problem locating a reputable windshield replacement shop in Mesa AZ. One of the popular shops is known as New Image Glass. This local favorite operates four separate facilities in the area.


Find incentives

Having a windshield replaced can be an expensive job. Some shops offer incentives to entice customers. Take your vehicle to New Image Glass and receive $150! Call and make an appointment to reserve your spot. You must have insurance that covers the replacement expenses to qualify for this incentive. It is up to you to call your insurance company and file a claim. Expect to receive your check in the mail within two weeks after the service is performed. The shop handles all of the paperwork regarding the incentive check.

What’s that? Don’t you have insurance? That’s alright. Look around for the shop that offers high quality services at the lowest price. Some shops entice customers by offering special discounts to the uninsured.

Choose a shop with a powerful acronym

Acronyms define a company succinctly and professionally. They require thought, development and compliance. You can usually find these placed on a shop’s walls. Take your car to a shop that has an excellent customer service principles as its core. New Image Glass, for instance, follows the acronym CUSTOMER.

C stands for cooperating as a team with customers and employees
U is for using the highest quality available products
S stands for solving problems competently and quickly
T is for treating every customer with courtesy and respect
O stands for offering only the best customer service
M is for maintaining an optimum professional reputation
E shows customers that the employee enjoys helping them
R is for remembering the statement that the customer comes first

Choose a shop with a strong industry background

Not all auto glass companies have experience in the industry. Some open only to make money. Choose a shop that is owned by individuals with knowledge, experience and a passion for the windshield glass industry. These individuals will go beyond your typical shop to make certain the customer’s experience is everything desired and more. It is true that passion is the cornerstone towards success. Look for ratings

Shops that have high industry and consumer ratings stand out from the rest. Choose a shop that has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Find a shop that has positive online and offline customer reviews. Go to Angie’s List, Yelp! and your social media circles to get referrals. Check out websites and do research into ratings listed.

Find a rapidly growing shop

Shops that grow by leaps and bounds are telling you something. They are revealing that customers are treated as the lifeblood towards success, employees take pride in their work, and the owners love being a part of the community. Find shops that are regularly in the media for doing community work, expanding operations and/or offering special incentives.

Find a shop close to where you live or work. See if there is a free shuttle car available. Make it as easy as possible to have your windshield replaced in Mesa AZ.

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August 23, 2013 by +Glen Weltz

7 Places You’ll See LED Lights

LED lights are known as being the future’s lighting source. You may be looking at some every day. This article will discuss some places where these lights are used. Be on the look out.


1. Nightlife spots like taverns

See those flashing neon lights in the windows? They are LED lights trying to tempt you inside. Establishments can either have them flashing or streaming a steady stream of light. These sources are perfect for evening hours since they have such strong beams of light. Colors can range from blue to red.

2. School marquees

Increasing amounts of schools are replacing traditional signs with lighted marquees. Marquees can include the school’s logo. Messages can range from school happenings to operating hours. Holidays can make for a particularly interesting display. Schools can list concerts, plays, community involvement, fundraisers, or other activity. Lighted marquees are an excellent way to communicate the school’s technology know-how.

3. Christmas or holiday trees

No year-end holiday is complete without decorating a tree. Notice how one tree has colorful lights that draw attention. Then you’ll see another tree that just shouts out color and brightness. That bright tree is decorated with LED lights. Owners realize that the lights will last for 10 years instead of one or two. Plus, they like the energy savings.

The same applies to colorful lights found everywhere during the holidays. They could be those strings decorating workplace counter tops, lighting a wreath or any other appropriate item.

4. Lamps and lighting fixtures

These lights can easily replace the traditional bulbs found in a variety of lamps and lighting fixtures. Just unscrew your regular bulb and screw in an energy efficient choice. Millions of companies and individuals are doing this yearly.

5. All types of vehicles
You probably have noticed those vehicles on the road that seem to have super bright headlights. These headlights are the LED variety. Roadways are easier to see due to the focused stream of light. Road hazards are visible from farther distances. Those tractors operating before sunrise can be using this lighting source. Farmers can see the fields more clearly and be more productive.

Vehicles that have LED tail lights improve the visibility for fellow drivers. Whether it is a headlight, tail light, or interior light, all vehicles ranging from trucks, boats, planes, cars to farm equipment can use these lights.

6. Workplaces

Companies are always searching to cut costs and improve worker safety. This energy-efficient lighting source is a powerful alternative to traditional sources. Companies save on utilities. Many companies use LED overhead lighting to keep generalized areas like lobbies, meeting rooms and lobby areas lit.

Task lighting is perfect for individual workstation areas. That desktop lamp or single-bulb overhead fixture lights up your document and work area in a safe and cheap manner. This is because the light emits a direct stream of light that hones in on your working area. Documents will be easier to see. There is no glare. Since this lighting has been used, you probably notice your productivity and overall happiness improve. Studies show this is what happens with this newer technology lighting.

7. Eateries and restaurants

Restaurants realize that there is something enticing about seeing a lighted sign in the window once dusk begins. Lighting signs are ideal marketing tools. When you are hungry and looking for a place, the sign can be the deciding factor about where you’ll eat.

The popularity of this ever-changing technology is expanding as this article is written. Research is continually being done to develop better technology and newer products. This is an exciting time for everyone.

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August 10, 2013 by +Glen Weltz

6 Comparisons Between LED And Traditional Lighting

Modern technology is continually working to make everyone’s life easier. This is especially true in the area of LED lighting. Below are some comparisons to consider when choosing this type of lighting over traditional – or incandescent – bulbs.


1. Extended life span

Incandescent light bulbs need to be replaced at frequent intervals. Industry statistics state that the average bulb lasts about 5,000 hours. Depending upon usage, this could range anywhere from one to six months.

Let us now contrast the usage hours. Industry numbers state that the typical LED light source has an operational life of an impressive 100,000 hours. This usually breaks down into an 11 year life span. With such a long usage period, there is no need to maintain an inventory stock.

2. Maintenance costs are a factor

Replacing traditional light sources requires labor. Labor is needed for both the replacement process and for updates to the maintenance schedule. For companies that use a large number of bulbs, this can easily add up to hundreds of dollars. Changing light bulbs also takes workers away from more productive and profitable operational tasks. Whenever any light bulb is replaced, the maintenance schedule needs updating.

Since LED light sources last so much longer, there are minimal maintenance costs involved. Maintenance schedules will not need updating as frequently.

3. Electricity costs come into play

Electricity costs can be a major expense for any company or household. Consumers can cut back on electrical usage but still receive higher bills. The cost of electricity is always increasing.

The technology used in light bulbs requires larger amounts of energy to operate at efficient levels. This increases electric usage and corresponding bills.

LED technology uses less energy. This equals lower electrical costs.

4. Lower heat emission

Traditional light bulbs get warm. The longer they are in use, the warmer they become. Warm light bulbs increase the affected air temperature. This is especially trying during the hot summer months when inside temperatures can naturally rise quickly. Industry facts state that about 80-percent of the energy produced will be emitted as heat. Some times air conditioning needs to be turned on to make the surroundings comfortable. This costs money.

LED lighting emits minimal heat. They run at a cool temperature that will not heat up the surrounding area. Industry sources state that only 20% of the energy produced will be emitted as heat. No air conditioning will be needed. Workers can do their jobs without even being aware of the lighting.

5. Visual issues

Traditional lighting has a reputation for being harmful to the human eye. Depending upon where the light is placed, it can cause glare and distortion. These can easily transfer over into a number of health concerns like eye strain, blurred vision, double vision, squinting, and head aches. All of these health issues can reduce productivity and mental focus.

Natural lighting is the solution to visual concerns. LED lighting is as close to natural as you can get.

6. Initial costs

Incandescent bulbs are cheaper than nontraditional sources. You need to consider the useful lives and other above-factors when deciding which source works best for your individual situation.

Industry experts state LED will eventually replace all traditional light sources. Adapting to this is the key to the overall success for any company.

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August 7, 2013 by +Glen Weltz

5 Reasons For Going Online To Find A Windshield Replacement Shop In Phoenix

Going online to find a windshield replacement shop in Phoenix can be one of the best decisions you make. Below are some factors to take into consideration to make your life easier.


1. Instantaneous communications

How many times have you picked up a phone only to hear a recorded message? Recorded messages are becoming so common in everyday business they have reached the point of ridiculousness and frustration. They can be a waste of time and energy. This dilemma can be solved by communicating online.

Some reputable auto glass shops, like New Image Glass, offer live chat services. This is the perfect opportunity for testing a company’s customer service level. Providing superb customer service is part of the reason the company has a reputation for maintaining such high levels of honesty and integrity among its workforce. As soon as you open the website, a live chat availability box pops up. This box follows you throughout your online experience with this site. When available, you simply post your concern and start a live communication session.

2. Discover accolades and accomplishments

Finding a shop via the telephone directory or through personal contacts can leave out an important part of finding the perfect shop. Very rarely do shops listed in phone directories mention all the industry or community achievements a shop proudly receives. Available print space limits this.

By contrast, websites provide companies with ample space to promote proud achievements. This improves customer confidence, trust and loyalty. Nothing can be as impressive to readers as dealing with a shop that receives high industry praise or high impartial ratings from a prominent source.

3. Gain more insight into management

Management and its philosophy, history, and offerings can make or break a shop. This information may take time to get in the offline world. Unless someone has a list of questions to ask when meeting company executives or employees, questions can easily go unanswered until a later date. Going online to the About Us page, in comparison, will present a wealth of information in a concise and thorough manner. Web designers and company executives know the importance of developing this page in a professional manner to improve lead generation, referral bases and customer satisfaction.

4. Get convenient free quotes

An informed consumer understands the importance of getting a free quote when deciding which shop best suits his or her needs. This can easily be accomplishments by going online to a reputable site. You simply type in your car’s make, model and year into the database. The software will calculate your response and return a free quote as quickly as possible. This saves you the time from calling a shop, hoping an employee is available to calculate the quote and/or being put on hold.

5. Find convenient locations

A well-designed website will prominently display shop location listings. This saves you time and frustration of flipping through paper phone directory pages or scrolling through endless pages of poorly designed websites. This is particularly important since Phoenix covers a large geographic area. The city more than likely has multiple shops operated by the same company. New Image Glass understands the importance of making a viewer’s online experience as comfortable and time-saving as possible. Viewers will be delighted with how easy it is to find the two locations in the site’s right sidebar area. This makes it easy and convenient for the reader to decide which location works best for their individual situation.

Going online to find the perfect windshield replacement company for you can save you tons of money, time and frustration. You may even be able to schedule an appointment. Plus, you can do it in your pajamas.

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August 6, 2013 by +Glen Weltz

Top Ways to Land the Best Real Estate Deals

Real estate properties have achieved a good amount of popularity in many parts of the world. Many interested buyers can be seen to be making exceptional real estate deals these days. The reason why people want to purchase real estate properties so bad is because of the fact that its value tends to increase in the long run. Not only can people achieve excessive profits but can also rent out the properties in order to maximize their incomes by a long shot for once and all. Many steps have to be taken in order to make the best offers for buying the most exclusive real estate deals.

Learning about the Real Estate Market

An important thing to do is to never be fooled. Most of the times, buyers are simply naive and do not expect the kind of reaction they are likely to receive from the sellers. It is recommended to all home buyers to get a clear insight on how the real estate market works beforehand. An essential task to carry out is to get to know all there is about the real estate property rates in the first go. This way, buyers cannot be fooled or taken advantage of and that results in the purchase of good real deals. If buyers have excessive information, they have the upper hand in the entire buying process.

Staying Composed and Rational

One of the most essential things to do is to keep the emotions in control. Sellers are clever enough to manipulate buyers at all times. If buyers try and control their emotions, they can easily control their actions in the long run. A calm and composed buyer is always known to take the best real deal home. Calmness allows the buyer to make rational talk and decisions as well. It also tends to affect the seller on the other hand, which is exactly what is needed in order to trigger a high end real deal in a short period of time.

Comparing Market Prices

A good piece of advice is the ability to learn all there is about the real estate market prices. When buyers are aware if all such prices, they can easily draw out a similar comparison in front of the seller at the earliest convenience. Most likely the seller will give up or will be unable to cover up the entire thing. Bargaining is an essential thing for all real estate buyers and they are recommended to use it generously during the purchase of real estate deals since it can get them the maximum discount.

Attaining Full Seller Information

There are many other kinds of information which people can acquire in order to make the most out of what they have. Digging out the seller information is known as a great tool to land the best real estate deals. If buyers are able to know all about the motives of the seller, they can negotiate better in order to have everything their own way. The more information there is about the seller, the better it is. A good amount of research regarding the seller also allows people to connect well with them in the first place.

Targeting Sellers that Face a Lack of Demand

Sometimes, it is rather better to wait out in order to get some excellent real estate deals. Individuals are advised to seek out the oldest real estate deals. It is because of the fact that the recent ones are mostly rather expensive. Also, the recent sellers are mostly not willing to give any discounts on the real estate properties. People can easily take advantage of the opportunity to negotiate as much as they want with sellers who have been trying to sell into the market since quite long. Due to a massive lack of buyers, they are likely to agree with all the conditions of the buyers sooner rather than later.

Author Text

Denis has a varied and extensive career in the real estate world and he is one of the most knowledgeable real estate writers, consultants.He provides expert information on various topics such as mortgage, property investment and other related issues through his concise articles on some high profile site like Pallspera. His vast experience enables him to view real estate as an insider, and his analytical ability enables him to direct people with the help of his articles.

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4 Ways The Best Auto Repair Shops Can Help Drivers

A number of auto repair shops exist in the marketplace, but only a few of them are considered the best. The best auto repair shops differentiate themselves from the competition by maintaining high standards of workmanship and customer service excellent. There are a number of ways these shops can help drivers.


1. Teach preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the key to extending the useful life of any vehicle. This maintenance type keeps all parts and components operating at optimum levels as per manufacturer guidelines. Tasks that fall within this category include oil changes, tire rotations, windshield wiper replacement, fluid level checks and replenishment, brake checks, tire inspection, and alignment checks. The best auto repair shops will not only fix vehicles, but teach drivers how to take care of their investment.

2. Provide peace of mind

Auto repairs can be stressful to both the driver’s mind and pocket book. Drivers can be assured that the best auto repair shops will employ only certified and qualified mechanics who understand the intricacies of manufacturer recommendations. To be considered among the best, shops must undergo stringent testing and qualification requirements. Shops must also receive a customer satisfaction ratings. You can sleep easier by knowing that your car is being worked on by a reputable and trustworthy mechanic in a clean shop.

3. Save money

Drivers will save money. Qualified mechanics will thoroughly inspect your car. This inspection allows them to spot potential areas of major repair work. This can save you thousands of dollars. For instance, you may think you only need one tire replaced due to uneven wear. You noticed the center portion of one tire appears worn out. Upon inspection, however, the mechanic may notice that the uneven wear is caused by excessive inward tilt of the tire. In technical terms, this is known as camber.

If left unchecked, camber can cause your vehicle to pull to one side. It puts you and your car in an unsafe position. A qualified mechanic would know that. He or she may recommend having your tires rotated. Tire rotations are cheaper than buying new tires. Other possible solutions include training you to check your tire pressure weekly and checking your vehicle’s load factor. Failing to do any of these things can lead to poor alignment. You don’t want to see the repair bill for having your car alignment fixed.

4. By being eco-friendly

The best auto repair shops will do what it takes to prolong the useful life of parts, components and accessories. This saves you money by lowering your costs for new parts and labor. Reputable shops have a strong desire to sustain our planet’s natural resources. When oil is changed, these shops will have oil recycling containers. Regular oil changes can save you money at the gas pump by increasing your auto’s fuel efficiency. This helps you live a green lifestyle. Reputable shops comply with federal environmental regulations. Instead of tossing tires out into landfills, if the tire is unusable, tires will be sent to a recycling plant.

Dealing with only the best auto repair shops can be the best decision any driver makes. Contacting a trained professional can put you on the path to success.

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March 21, 2013 by +Glen Weltz

6 Ways To Improve Your School’s Light Fixtures While Reducing Costs


Saving electricity used for light reduces costs for schools by 70% to 90%. The Vale School District in Idaho has managed to bring down their cost for electricity by 73% simply by upgrading their light fixtures, electronic ballasts and lamps. They also equipped their lights with occupancy sensors (like the Lutron RadioRa 2 products). Many schools can find it in their budgets or solicit sponsors to help improve their school building’s lighting and reduce electric bill costs long term.

Switch to new energy saving LED or CFL bulbs
The new technology light bulbs can be expensive, but they do save up to 90 percent on electricity costs immediately. LED (light emitting diode) bulbs cost more than CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs, but they use less electricity. If the upfront cost for a LED bulb is too much, use CFL bulbs instead. There is some concern about CFL bulbs containing mercury that could be toxic should the bulb break, but using a plastic cover or canopy over the bulb should keep users safe. Choosing CFL or LED bulbs is already a big improvement over incandescent bulbs. Not only do they use less electricity, but they also have a longer life span and are prone to less wear caused by a repeated on/off cycle. CFL and LED bulbs are 70% brighter than incandescent bulbs, which provides better lighting for larger rooms.

Use occupancy sensors and automatic off switches
Many school leave lights on in large spaces like gyms and hallways, and they remain on during the weekends even when there is nobody around. Occupancy sensors detect movement and turn lights off if nobody is around for too long. Automatic switches turn off lights at set times to conserve electricity. These are great for lights in corridors, staircases and storage areas that are often overlooked and forgotten on the weekend.

Use photosensors for outdoor lighting
Photosensors are cheap light switch accessories that turn off lights when they sense daylight. They cost under $10 and are easy to set up. Simply screw in the photosensor socket into a regular light socket before screwing in the light bulb.

Utilize natural light whenever possible
It is pointless to turn lights on when there is plenty of natural light available for free. Encourage the use of natural light in classrooms and outside hallways. Build in large windows and skylights where the architecture allows. Ask teachers and students to use natural light in the classroom whenever possible.

Get students to participate
Conserving electricity should be a lesson that students learn early in life. Remind the student to turn off lights when leaving a room. If the teachers are vigilant and consistent in reminding their students, they will habitually turn lights off when not needed at school and at home.

Use task lighting
Task lights such as study lamps help improve lighting for reading and study while conserving electric costs. The light bulb does not have to be powerful enough to light up an entire room, but serves its purpose providing light for the student’s activity. Task lighting works best in libraries, work shops, labs and study halls.

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July 25, 2012 by +Glen Weltz

Exploring Whole Life Insurance

Buying a life insurance policy is one of the most practical things that a financially savvy person can do. At the same time, the entire act can be quite morbid especially since you’re contemplating your own mortality. This feeling instantly turns to confusion when the agent asks if you’re thinking about purchasing term or whole life insurance. So, what’s the difference about the two? This article will delve on the latter form of life insurance.

What is whole life insurance?

We need to discuss a bit about term life insurance in order to explain what whole life insurance is in comparison to the former. When we talk about term life insurance, the policy holder is only entitled to death benefits. When the term expires and the holder is still alive, then he loses out and does not get anything out of the policy. In contrast, whole life insurance offers a savings account or cash value together with the death benefits. This means that even if you live past the length of the policy, you still get something out of it either by cashing in or borrowing against it.

Whole life insurance seems like the best option now. But the catch is that whole life insurance policies have more expensive premiums. This is because on top of the cost of insurance, holders need to pay for the extra which is invested. As this extra premium grows, the more that your savings account will continue to grow. You can choose to cash in on your gains but in the sad event that you follow the white light, your beneficiaries will be able to receive the proceeds tax-free.

So if it’s expensive to buy whole life insurance, then going for term might be a more practical solution? Not all the time. If you’re thinking about keeping a policy for more than 20 years, then it’s better to go whole life. This is because the longer that you keep your whole life insurance policy, the odds may be that the economy will be able to bounce back, your invested premiums will be able to yield decent returns and the cost of your premium can drop. Although it’s still risky business overall, you are certain that your term insurance premiums will steadily increase every time you renew it which means that if you live longer and decide to continue renewing your term insurance policy, you may be spending more than you think.

Brian Foster is an Insurance Underwriter for 20 years who provides tips and great insights about what is whole life insurance.

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July 13, 2012 by +Glen Weltz

How to use credit card debt calculator efficiently

If you are in credit card debt, it would be better to use credit card debt calculator, so that you can plan the payments as per your affordability. Credit cards debt has always been the greatest problem for the debtors. They fail to keep proper track of the payments to be made on the credit cards. Another thing that leads to credit card debt is impulsive buying habit. It is better to tow away your credit card somewhere else to be used during emergencies. In addition, you will also be required to control your habits if you are an impulsive buyer. Now, in order to pay off your debts, it is better for you to use a credit card debt calculator so that you can compute all the debt related expenses by yourself.



Using credit card debt calculator

In order to use a credit card debt calculator in the right way, you will be required to first try and know the details of the different credit card debt calculators which are available online. Some of the most common forms of credit card debt calculators which are available and can prove to be helpful for you are credit card minimum payment calculator, credit card pay off calculator and so on.

The credit card pay off calculator helps you with computing as to how much you will be required to pay per month so that you can repay the existing credit card bills within a specified time frame. So as to get the
best of the results, you will be required to provide basic information, like those of the time frame within which you would like to pay that off, the interest rate at which you have been making the payments, the
outstanding balance owed and so on.

Then, a credit card debt payoff calculator is going to help you compute as to how much you may be required to pay per month in order to repay the existing credit card bills and yet within the desired time frame. Again, in order to get the best of results, you will be required to provide the basic information as required, just as that of the credit card pay off calculator.

You will be able to get these calculators online, and that too for free. You will simply be required to research for the different credit card debt calculator, and so you may have to search different websites. You can also use more than one calculator, in order to see if there are any differences in between the calculations done by the calculators. This may help you with getting the right credit card debt calculator as per your requirements.

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